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About This Project


Diversified Aero Services Inc. (DASI), a US-based commercial aviation surplus-parts supplier, specializes in all major aircraft platforms, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer. Since 1993, DASI has supplied Airlines, MROs (maintenance repair organizations), aircraft/engine lessors and suppliers in over 50 countries. 

Their acquisition of AeroInv.com added millions of commercial aerospace parts from across the globe. This also added 600 new customers to its portfolio through AeroInv.com’s state-of-the-art e-commerce platform. 

Despite having the world’s largest inventories of aircraft parts, with over 200,000 SKUs (part lines) supporting all major commercial aircraft and engines, the aviation surplus parts supplier struggled with being recognized as an industry leader.


Research indicated that while DASI and newly acquired AeroInv.com enjoyed favorable brand recognition, DASI was not perceived as a tech-savvy e-commerce leader. TAPHOUSE was asked to make the brand’s identity more relevant to the progressive global aviation community. TAPHOUSE needed to: leverage both brands’ many positive equities, reflect the evolving mission, and express its refocused vision while ensuring the new identity effectively represented all aspects of the brand’s universe.


After performing a comprehensive market analysis, TAPHOUSE realized a key strategy would be to capitalize on the name that most constituents already used—DASI. Moving strictly to the acronym, while keeping the organizational name the same, instantly allows DASI to become more accessible, modern, and inclusive. To assure immediate recognition, TAPHOUSE recommended that DASI’s powerful brand-line be more prominently integrated into the brand itself. Ultimately, the new logo and house style captured the technically savvy approach of DASI’s traditional tail in a more sophisticated, contemporary signature—projecting the consistency and reliability of a true leadership brand. Once the corporate identity was finalized, we worked closely with DASI’s in-house web team to develop the new look of their website.