LogoLounge 7 features recent work by such world-renown firms as Pentagram, Lippincott, Turner Duckworth, and The Brand Union; emerging agencies venturethree, Dragon Rouge, and TAPHOUSE GRAPHICS; and stand-alone artists Louise Fili and Chris Mitchell. This definitive resource provides in-depth, behind-the-scenes knowledge of how the brightest in the field create winning identities today.

The seventh book in the LogoLounge series once again celebrates the best identity work by top designers and rising talents from around the world. This edition’s far-reaching collection offers inspiration, insight, and an indispensable reference tool for graphic designers and their clients.

Masterminded by Bill Gardner, president of Gardner Design, the LogoLounge website showcases the latest creations by luminaries and up-and-coming stars alike. LogoLounge 7 presents the finest logo designs posted to the website during the past year, as judged by a select group of leading designers. The first portion of the book profiles nine major new campaigns by firms both large and small. The second half of the book organizes the 2,000 chosen logos into twenty visual categories for easy reference, with shorter articles on groundbreaking logo design interspersed throughout.

    • The much-anticipated follow-up to LogoLounge 6, a Rockport Publishers bestseller
    • Features 2,000 logos, providing fresh inspiration to anyone looking to direct their own identity
    • Includes a valuable cross-referencing feature with the LogoLounge website